Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I am back!

Yesterday we took down the tree and all our Christmas decorations.  The house looks bare and "just moved in" again (we need to put up pictures, etc.).  Poor Dennis, half way through our putting things away and cleaning the house, I was struck down by one of my migraines.  Off to bed I went to wake up a couple hours later to find everything clean and he sitting eating his lunch.

Today I feel like I am back to my normal self for the first time since I got sick way back on December 20!

Some of my goals this year are:
  • get back to flying with Flylady
  • back "on plan" with Weight Watchers
  • get back to yoga (part of being "on plan" with Weigh Watchers)
There are also knitting and reading, and spending more time with my horse, but those are the big three.

I am about to head out the door as I want to get one load of my belongings home before heading off to the barn.

It is just after 10 am here in Alaska, and the sun is coming up.  I feel like I've gotten a ton done already, laundry "rebooted" (two loads put away, two in the washer and dryer), dishwasher unloaded, bills paid (desk cleared off), beds made, the pile of my belonging created when I crashed with the migraine have been put away.

Wish I could have been this productive last week, but alas, can't turn back the hands of time, tomorrow I will head off to school to try to catch up on things I had wanted to do before break, but ended up staying home sick with the cold I'm working on getting over.

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