Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sharing Space and Life

My side of the closet, top rack shirts/tops in order by color,
bottom rack jacket, sweaters, and top layers (with some
items he put away, in the wrong spot).
Learning to live with someone can be fun, but it can also be frustrating as you learn each other's little quirks.

Take laundry.....I try to keep up on laundry by doing at least one load a day so we don't have to spend the weekend doing laundry.

After folding a load, I put my clothes away and stack my honey's on the dresser or the bed.

Getting ready for bed last night he looks at his clothes neatly folded, set in piles, on the dresser, and laughed stating he doesn't get it.

Him: How hard is it to open the drawers and put it away?

Me: I don't put someone else's clothes away. I didn't even put my son's away (as he got older).

Him: You put them ON the dresser, how hard is it to put them IN the dresser?

Me: I have never put someone else's clothes away.

As I brush my teeth and get ready for bed and try to figure out why this is such a difficult thing for us.  It isn't a fight, he just doesn't get why I won't put his clothes away, and I don't get why he can't get I don't put other people's clothes away (and I don't want someone else to put MY clothes away).

I am a little anal retentive, I am picky with my clothes, though, right now, if you were to look in the two dresser drawers I have, you would think I am a slob. All my bras, panties, socks, PJ's, long underwear and the like are literally crammed into two drawers while I wait for my dresser that has been ordered. The drawers are a mess, but for now, I am dealing with and trying not to stress too much as I dig for a pair of socks, or search for the right bra.

Returning to the bedroom, the conversation continues. We both think the other is silly.

So, is it weird that I DON'T put his clothes away, or is he being goofy in thinking I SHOULD put his clothes away.

As I took the picture of my closet, I realized there are items in the wrong spot. Items HE put away. While taking the picture, I had to fight moving some of the clothes to the right spots.  

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

My husband does the laundry...he's pretty anal about it...doesn't like the way I fold...but he just gives me the pile and I put it away...