Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swift Bag by Tom Bihn

Ever since I saw the 10th Anniversary Swift on Knitty Deep Fall 2012 pictured above from Tom Bihn, I have wanted my own Swift.  When I stumbled upon the Anniversary Swift, it was no longer available but they did stock the Swift in different colors, without the 10th Anniversary tag on it.

My current knitting bag is a super cute bright blue, fake patent leather, book bag I picked up at the local Fred Meyers for $14 on clearance.  It works, it's funky, it holds all my WIP,  but the "patent leather" has developed it's own life and the bag sits yawning wide open no matter how I put the books and WIP project bags in it, even when the bag is sitting on my shoulder going to my knitting group.

The bag is not cheap, and I don't normally spend money like that on myself.  I fell in love with the Forest/Hemp Swift Bag and after many return trips to the Tom Bihn website, I bit the bullet and ordered one!

Tom Bihn ships UPS, which normally means one of two things:  they don't ship to Alaska; or they ship to Alaska for astronomical prices!!!!  Not Tom Bihn, they ship to Alaska using priority mail, so I only had to pay $10 shipping and not "$38 to $65" stated on the shipping information page!

She should be here by Friday!

UPDATE:  January 17

When I placed my orderd I requested Forest/Hemp, so when I received an email from Trevor at Tom Bihn stating my swift in Kiwi/Kiwi was on back order until March and that I could wait or change my order, I was very confused.

I didn't order that color.  I replied with the correct information of Forest/Hemp and if that color wasn't available I would like to cancel my order.

There a "strange technical issue with" my order.  He went on to write:   "According to your order you have selected kiwi/kiwi/ultraviolet, and when I checked the product page I do not even see forest/hemp listed as an option anymore. This is very strange, and something I will definitely look into.

The good news is I have found a forest/hemp Swift i our store front. I have set it aside for your order, will make the needed adjustments, and will ship it out this afternoon!"

So, I should get it early next week, but WOW, what great customer service!

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