Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dreaming a Little Dream

I awoke early this morning, I have a ton to do, but here I sit, note pad and pen in hand, iPad on my lap.

I had a dream where I was wearing this beautiful sweater. Everyone gave me complements on it. In the dream the sweater was a purchased one, not one I had knit.

The sweater was very simple in structure, light, something you would wear over a light turtleneck.

The collar was simple, an open oval that might have been slightly felted -- it was of heavier construction than the rest of the sweater. The body of the sweater was simple stockinette stitch, with a seed stitch button band and short cap sleeves or three quarter length.

It was in a lovely soft ivory white.

I have spent the last hour searching Ravelry for a pattern like this. I have no clue how I would even go about designing this sweater for myself, but I know I must have it!

Back to searching patterns, I am on page 25 of 130+!!!!

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