Tuesday, October 4, 2016


It's been a whirlwind four days!
This little tiny mushroom has nothing to do with this post.
Just wanted a picture for you to look at!
Thursday, September 29: Submit online application and drop off "Substitute Packet" at district offices. I was informed it would take up to two weeks before I would receive my "welcome to the district" email which would provide necessary information to set up my various accounts.

Friday, September 30: At 6:39 am, I receive a strange phone call.  It is a computer voice offering me a job.  I hung up. (This was a call from Aesop - the program that manages absences in the district and notifies subs.)

The district welcome email arrives in my personal inbox more than two hours after my first unofficial call from Aesop . The email informs me that I will receive an email in my district email from Aesop with information I need to access my Aesop account.  I set up my district email account and waited.......

Saturday, October 1:  All district pages were down most of the day Saturday.

Sunday, October 2:  District web pages are up and running. I'm able to access my district email and the crucial Aesop letter is there.  I access and set up my Aesop account, sign up for three sub positions over the next three weeks.

Monday, October 3: Around 3 pm I receive a phone call for me to interview for a long-term substitute position to end of the school year.  I have an interview Thursday (had to cancel a sub job).

From drop off to phone call, less than 2 business days!  WOW!

Today I think I'll go get a hair cut, make sure I have an interview outfit, mail these socks to their new owner, and maybe knit!

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