Thursday, February 14, 2013

Moving On....and a KAL

It is Valentine's Day and our friends are getting married "after work".  My honey and I were asked to be witnesses, and every time I have things planned for after work, it seems that something happens and I'm always late, so I took a personal day.

I have spent the day getting things done that I never seem to find time for.  Personal phone calls and such that I can't seem to get to during "business hours" when I'm at work, as well as some work related things, and cleaning and organizing.  My Rav4 and dog have appointments.  Loads 3 and 4 are in the washer and dryer, 1 and 2 have been folded and put away.

In between getting chores done, I have been knitting.  I am enjoying having the Every Way Wrap off the needles.  In about an hour I will head to town to pick up some items from town, and swing by the yarn store to see what they have for shawl pins, then it will be truly done!

In the mean time, I am moving on to my Dalekanium Socks.  I have been working for an hour or so, then sit and do a round/row. Have managed an inch or more.  Still not sure if I want to knit the Seeds and Vines baby sweater with the needles I used to knit the swatch.

Now it is back to chores.  Our furniture should be arriving soon, so most of my craft items went into storage off our bedroom today; the office/guest/craft room is a bit of a mess. The dryer just went off, and it's time for me to find something for lunch.

ETA:  I have decided to join the Business Casual KAL, but first, off to town for shopping and a shawl pin before time gets away from me!

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