Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP update

I have focused on my Every Way Wrap, so my Dalekanium Socks have sat and not grown any larger, so no need to post pictures of them here.

I am finally on the last pattern repeat, then 5 inches of 2x2 rib.  This will be competed before the year anniversary of the cast on.  I was beginning to think that the knitting Gods were messing with me.  I would count the pattern repeats, and come up with 16, knit the pattern, count the pattern repeats and AGAIN come up with 16 (the number of repeats needed for as per the pattern).

I am not sure if the 16 repeats will be long enough.  In addition to the small ball left on the skein I'm knitting from now, I have two more skeins.  I will check to see if it is long enough for me before the rib pattern.

But right now, as I type, I am on the last pattern repeat as per the pattern.

Last Monday I had training and grabbed my needles and cotton yarn and whipped out another dish cloth.   It was the first time I encountered a presenter that was not impressed with someone knitting.  Part of the training was on classroom/behavior management.  Whenever the presenter would give an example of dealing with unwanted behaviors, it was always my knitting!  LOL  Maybe I should send her the wash cloth!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

We are not allowed to do anything else during training...and I am looking forward to out upcoming snow day on Friday....nice job on the looks like it'll be comfortable and a great wrap...

Fiber Jewels said...

I usually "warn" the presenter, especially in small group settings like this last training, that I will be knitting. Usually add some disclaimer like I am very ADD and knitting helps me focus more and distract others less. The idea that I might be a distraction if I don't knit usually keeps them happy, and off my case!