Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Much Needed Break

Between moving my horse to a new boarding facility, getting a new puppy, the death of my friend and doctor, and helping my MIL learn how to use her new laptop as well as making her home "wire free", there just really was not time in my life for my etsy store, Fiber Jewels & More. At first I felt guilty; I'd spent so much time, energy, and money getting it up and running, providing a good product and the best customer service I could, but my heart wasn't in it.

I'd thought of closing up shop, but at the advice of a good friend, I simply took a break from my store. I'm glad I listened to her advice!

Yesterday, while our puppy played in the back yard, I hauled my beading supplies out of my workshop and to our porch. It was enjoyable to be beading in the heat of a warm summer day, listening to the birds chirp, watching our puppy play, and my miniature horses sunning themselves.

I was able to create several row counters, one of which will be a door prize in Secret of the Stole - III. One of the items I made for the shop was row counter (pictured left) with the cranberry wonder beads, I always love the row counters made with these beads! I was going to wait to list all the items but figured there was no time like the present!
I also listed some seed beads in little storage jars. I just LOVE the jars, the beads were ordered in the wrong size, so I listed them in the store also.
MIL comes over today for more computer lessons; I'm hoping I'll get some knitting & beading completed. I need to finish the ribbing on my Ravelympic socks and I can be done with those. My Girlfriend's Best Anklets need to be completed also. Would be nice to have those done before school starts!

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