Friday, August 8, 2008

Sock Swap & Olympic Knitting

I joined my first swap on the knitting/crocheting community of Ravelry.

I haven't always had good luck with swaps, but when I saw this one I thought it would be fun. We were to purchase a sock blank from KnitPicks, hand dye it, and send it along with some goodies to our swap partners. Someone else would send us our blank with goodies.

While awaiting the arrival of sock blanks, it was decided we'd do a KAL (knit along), and then a team was formed for the Raverly Olympics. I figured it would be fun, so I joined the KAL and an team for the "Sock Put."
I'm not sure what was harder, waiting for my package to arrive, or waiting until this morning to start!!!!

Earlier this week I received my swap package. Along with the beautiful sock blank of deep jewel tones, I received a small note book, with a matching pen and pencil case. I plan on recording my successes and unplanned results in the note book, and I just can't seem to have enough little cases for all my knitting gadgets.
This morning was the start of the Olympics so I finally got to play with my sock blank! My socks are turning out quite nice! I figured out "Judy's magic cast on" and have no seam at the toe!!!!

I'm just LOVING how they are turning out so far. They are creating a case of JOMR in me again!
I need to work on them and get the pair completed before the torch goes out for the Olympics. Ironic, the heat of the summer prevents me from wearing any of the socks I've been knitting this summer.
If I'm able to complete all the socks on the sticks I have at this time, I will have 5 beautiful pairs of hand knit socks!
I had hoped to complete the little "Girl's Best Friend Anklets" but the lace pattern did me in on
the first sock! I was able to complete both cuffs that will be turned over when worn. Once the cuff is completed, the sock is knit "inside out." These little puppies will sit on the sticks for a time until I get my pair of sock blank socks until they are completed. I have about 20 rows to complete before dividing for the heel.
In knitting these socks, I'm seeing possibilities of doing the toe up, and adding the cuff after completing the heel and the gusset.
Currently, I have three pairs of socks on the sticks, I need to get busy!
Knit on!

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