Thursday, June 12, 2008

Buttery Yellow Sweater - or "my problem project"

My "buttery yellow ribbed mock t-neck sweater" has become my problem project!

Took it to the LYS this Monday and got help trying to decipher the pattern. The designer neglected to say important things like breaking the yarn off, or starting a new row, or what to do with the front while I was working on the back (it is knit on circular needles)! I can be a very literal person, so this pattern has just got me!

I unknit and fixed the problem, broke off my yarn, started on the back when I noticed that the sweater just didn't seem long enough. Double checked meassurements and they are what the pattern said they should be. So, off to the mirror to try on the yellow tube that may, one day, grow into a completed sweater. Unless I planned to wear this as a crop top, it is too short!

This sweater has to get completed soon; but I'm beginning to wonder if it's not meant to be!

I'll be so glad when it's done!

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