Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good tools ARE worth the extra money

Every other week or so Micheal's has their ad with their 40% off coupon. I hate them! When I need something "big" it's not the sale week, the item I want is on sale for 10% off, or they are out of stock of what I want! When the coupons are good, I can't find anything I need and hate using them for a $2 item!

This week, after browsing the beading aisles, I ended up looking at beading tools. I needed a second set of pliers so decided that, with my 50% off coupon, I'd get the best quality they had, after all, I'd be saving $10 (let's not mention I'd still be spending more then I'd ever spent on any of my other beading tools)!

This morning I was making items for my etsy store, and while doing my wire wraps with my new pliers...OMG! What a difference they are! I love them! Normally, I end up breaking beads and have to make a new bead. These new pliers are a God Send! My wraps were tight before, but now they are so tight they could hold water back!

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