Monday, June 30, 2008

I LOVE bartering!!!!

I had my first experience bartering with a fellow etsian (esty store owner) the middle of June.

So, when I saw the little sock project bag above that I just HAD to have, I decided to ask if the owner would be interested in trading for something in my shop! She said yes! I'm so excited and can hardly wait for my new sock project bag to arrive!

In college I had cats and I loved them dearly. They both lived to be 17 years old. I miss them, I don' t miss the litter box. This little bag will allow me to have my kitties without the weekly litter box changing (but I don't mind daily stall cleaning!? hmmm).

I'm in a swap for hand dyed sock blanks, so this little bag will be the cutest little thing to stor emy socks in progress!

Anyway, stay tuned for a product review on this little bag!


Darcie said...

I love that bag! And I am a dog person.

Fiber Jewels said...

Her bags are beautiful; see them on ravelry a lot. Saw this pattern and HAD to have it!

The best way to have a cat -- no litter box!