Monday, July 8, 2013


Last section of fence to be removed.

When we purchased our house we learned the back corner (far right in picture) was on our neighbor's property.  It has been like that for so long that legally, we didn't have to move it.  One gate didn't close so it was pretty much useless.
Wednesday, as soon as my honey got home from work, he started working on pulling down the fence, completing the removal Thursday.
We spent a day at my mom's sanding and painting her deck, but then it was back to work on our back yard.
This cow visited us several times Saturday, peacefully enjoying a meal of fireweed.
Her calf came out of the woods a couple times, but for the most part, kept himself (or herself) hidden I the woods.
Saturday we were visited by this cow moose and her calf.  It was very cool to sit on the back deck and watch her eat the weeds.  But, but late Sunday afternoon, that same spot looked like this:
The exact same spot pictures above with the cow moose.  She was standing at the last two steps.
We want to do some terracing, some planting, and enjoy our back yard.  So, sorry Momma Moose, your buffet has been removed.
Our new open back yard.  The stairs lead to a large fire pit and patch of raspberries.
Not sure why my honey wants to plant grass, our back yard is a hill; very steep in places.  I'm thinking bedding plants.  Ones that would grow in thick and not need to be maintained much!
We discovered a patch or raspberries.  Not sure if they are wild or planted.  The first owners of this house had a vegetable garden, several flower beds, and we are told she did have raspberries, so they could be those that were planted.  The back yard has been neglected and left to go "wild" for about 6 years!

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